Gambling has been prevalent in society since time immemorial.  In olden times, there used to be specific places known as gambling houses for gambling activities.

With the change of times, Casinos came into existence. These are the modern version of gambling houses. The casinos make available ambient space for gambling. These casinos, traditional or brick-and-mortar, offer some other facilities to customers, too, in addition to various gambling games. Nowadays, many big hotels, clubhouses, and malls consider a casino an essential part of their paraphernalia. But gambling lovers have to venture outside of their homes to visit casinos. The customer has to pay some amount as a membership fee. The bookie fee is also very high in these casinos. Besides, some casinos place a minimum amount bar on the value of the stakes. Play Wild Vegas and get your piece of the $269,475.00 jackpot.

So, online casinos are becoming popular among gambling lovers, day by day.

Online Casino

The fast-developing computer science and the internet have been behind the origin of online casinos. The online casino allows playing various games on your computer or mobile phone through the internet. The player can download the casino apps on his computer or can play on a live online casino portal by paying a minimal fee. Apart from this bookie fee is low. A player is free to choose his amount of stake without any restriction.  You can play at an online casino in the comforts of your home.

In Singapore, it is expensive for the citizen to visit a casino. Singapore citizens have to pay a high fee to enter a casino. As a result, the online casino Singapore is gaining popularity there. There are so many online casinos in Singapore. Out of those, 77betsg is a legal and exceptionally good online casino in Singapore.

Now an advanced version of the online casino, the live casino is in prevalence.

Live Casinos

These casinos offer to play gambling games online but with a difference. In contrast to software-supported online casinos, the live casinos stream the real betting game from the brick-and-mortar casinos. You will see an actual game going on your computer screen. All gambling game components such as cards deck, tables, bookies, chips, wheels, dices, and many more are real. A real shuffling of cards, dealing, or any other activity occurs in reality, but you see it on your computer screen. You can participate in roulette, blackjack, sic bo, and baccarat in live casinos, most commonly.

Most common games in live casinos

Though there are many games available in live casinos, the most common games played in live casinos are as follows.


Roulette is a French word meaning a little wheel. This game comprises a wheel with numbers and a ball, and the wheel has pockets below these numbers. When the wheel is rotated rapidly, the ball starts bouncing.  The ball, ultimately, lands in one of these pockets. The bet is placed on the position of the landing of the ball.


it is a card game of American origin, but it is liked by gambling lovers worldwide.  Only two cards make a hand in this game. The number cards have the value as per their numbers, while picture cards have the value of ten; Ace is either one or eleven. The winning depends on the hand value, which is the sum of these values of both cards.

Sic Bo

It is a dice game of Chinese origin, and it comprises three dices. It is a pure chance game. The winning bet is the value of the sum of up face values of these dices, as per the game rule. It has two variants.

Grand Hazard is of British origin, while Chuck-a-luck is of American origin.


It is also a card game.  Its origin and history are not clear, but it is famous among gambling lovers across the globe. The game rounds may have one of the three results- player, banker, and tie.  The Player has the highest value while the banker has the lowest. The tie is the same value of both hands, and the winning bet depends on these values. Apart from these games, there are many other games played in live casinos.

How live casinos revolutionized the online casino games industry?

Live casinos are revolutionizing the online casino industry with astonishing speed. Several attributes help live casinos to revolutionize the online casino industry. Out of those, the following attributes are more prominent.

Minimum chances of online fraud and cheating

The online casino games are software-based, and players use an online platform to play these games. Though the platform controllers adopt adequate security measures to make the online platform safe and fair, expert hackers can steal your banking details.  The operations of the online games are governed by RNG (Random Number Generation) technology. Nevertheless, it makes online games fair and safe, but the rigging of RNG cannot be ruled out. The live casinos are free and safe from these shortcomings of online casinos.

Interaction with other players and dealer

The live casinos are live video streaming of the games from the traditional casinos, and you can participate in these games and interact with the dealer and other players through the internet.  It is an exceptional feature of live casinos.

Real Feel

Live casinos give you a feel of real casinos, owing to the live streaming of the games from the brick-and-mortar casinos.  You see on your computer screens an actual table, cards deck, real dealer, real players, and casino room. The shuffling of cards, distribution of hands, dealing, and wheel rotation takes place in reality. While in online casinos, all these activities happen digitally. Moreover, you see animated graphics on the computer screens in online casinos. Therefore, you experience a vibrant feel of a casino room environment in live casinos.

More Entertaining

You see the colorful environment and activities of traditional casinos on your computer in live casinos. It is like viewing a television game and taking part in it.  Hence, live casinos relieve you from boredom.

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