LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — BetMGM sent out an apology Sunday night in a tweet regarding problems with its BetMGM app and MGM sports books when bettors couldn’t cash out their bets.


A tweet just before 10 p.m. said “All winning bets placed within the app are now settled.” However, the MGM is still working to pay other bets.


Las Vegas Police have been called to a number of MGM properties throughout Las Vegas as angry customers claim MGM is refusing to payout winning bets after the companies APP went down in the middle of the Super Bowl.

A tweet just before 6 p.m. indicated the BetMGM app and MGM sports books were having major problems with people Super Bowl Bets.


We are now hearing that Las Vegas Metro has been dispatched to multiple MGM properties as angry bettors are claiming MGM is refusing to pay on winning bets. People are reporting that MGM and Metro are threatening them with arrest and permanent ban form MGM properties, simply for trying to cash their winning tickets!

The message, delivered during halftime of Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, said:


“We’re aware of the current issues  across the BetMGM app and within our retail sports books. Our teams are actively working on fixing these issues and we appreciate the patience of our customers as we work to restore full functionality.”


MGM officials had no additional information an hour after the game ended with the Buccaneers winning, 31-9.

MGM has blocked us after reporting the story,

I guess they are not happy with our reporting on them, their ex-criminal CEO Jim Murren, and their involvement in helping the COVID task force destroy our city!

Sometimes these things happen with new technology, that is why we recommend Bet US for all your Sports Bets.

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