Technology is the main factor why so many aspects of our lives changed. From the way we shop, the way we communicate to the way we gamble. The online gambling industry has completely taken over the worldwide nations.

Land-based casinos are slowly but surely being replaced. The reasons why gambling on the internet are more popular are infinite, with the main ones being:

  1. More convenient
  2. Distraction-free
  3. Variety of games
  4. Cheaper
  5. Better bonuses
  6. Higher RTP

The first and main reason is the convenience of not having to drive for hours to the actual casino. Rather, gambling whenever and wherever we want to without any need to plan ahead.

Due to obligations throughout the day, a lot of people cannot take the time to go to casinos and gamble. But, what they can do is take the phone out of their pocket and gamble online. This can be done on the train, or in any waiting room.

Secondly, there is a large dose of privacy and less distraction while gambling online. Many people play worse under pressure when they have an audience. So, you don’t have to be surrounded by people if you have issues with anxiety.

Also, online gambling sites offer a lot more games, game options, rewards, and bonuses. As the saying goes; the more the merrier, and web-based gaming options really offer a lot.

Finally, while a majority of the world population gambles online, there are a few nations that stand out by the number of actively engaged users.


#1 United States of America

In the US, each state separately determines whether or not online gambling is allowed, and in what capacity.  Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan are the only states that have legalized online gambling and have permission to have local operators.

Online gambling is very popular among Americans and for a multitude of reasons. There is the same adrenaline rush combined with non-stop availability, as well as safety and versatility in games.

Fantasy sports are one of the most popular gambling-like games that Americans are currently obsessed with. The NFL is by far the most popular fantasy sport, with 36% of industry revenue. Then come baseball with 19%, and car racing at 12%.

This doesn’t mean that Americans aren’t fond of other types of gaming, including old-fashioned sports betting and casino games. But, even those traditional games are now frequently done online.


#2 Australia

Online gambling in Australia is quite widespread and accessible, which brings music to the player’s ears. There is no law that prohibits gambling, playing poker, or placing bets online.

While there are a variety of online games that are popular for gambling, the one that stands out the most is pokies. When it comes to online gambling, it can be said that, in Australia, all the money is going into pokies. 

The one thing that you should be most careful about while gambling online is the safety of the site. There are a lot of hackers that are willing to go the extra mile to take your personal information and bank data thus it is advised to play only on the most well-known sites.

In such a liberal market, you need to be certain that your operator has a license from either Malta or Curacao, ensuring that they have passed all of the necessary tests.


#3 Japan

In Japan, online gambling is mostly prohibited by the law. For now, only online betting on horse racing, bicycle, motorcycle, and motorboat racing is allowed.  As for all other games, the player must use websites made by foreign operators.

Political leaders in Japan are carefully considering the advantages and downsides of online gambling. They comprehend that, if legalized, gaming will bring extra tax revenue. But, they are afraid to what extent it will encourage excessive gambling.

It is very likely that in the near future, online gambling options will spread. But, until then, the citizens of Japan should be careful where they gamble and if their chosen option has all of the licenses and securities.


#4 India

In India, same as in most other places, there is a major debate about online gambling. Some people think that online gambling should be 100% prohibited, while others think the opposite.

Generally, laws in India are very confusing and poorly written so there’s no specific federal law that prohibits domestic players to engage in online betting. Millions of Indians gamble online every day without any legal issues.

Finally, you should look out for scammers online, so always gamble on a site that includes safety and scam protection, secure payments and offers fair bonus terms and conditions.


#5 The United Kingdom

Unlike India, the laws in the UK  are very straightforward and clear. Online gambling In the United Kingdom is legal but you have to be 18 years old or older.

Some of the best sites in the UK provide a variety of game options, high security, bonus offers, a wide array of withdrawal and deposit methods. They also have customer service that is available 24/7.

Although most Britons were slow to adopt online gambling and mostly used the websites for betting, the 2020 lockdowns in the country changed all that. Now, an increasing number of people all over England, Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland are focusing on what the internet has to offer.


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